• Does your child need help with FOCUS?
  • Is your child ready to return to the classroom?
  • Has your child forgotten to raise their hand when asked a question?
  • ​Or is your child ready to follow directions from the teachers?

 Let us HELP start your child's school year out right!

>> We only accept 20 kids for this FREE Workshop <<

Start the school year out right with IMPROVED:

     Hi, my name is Master Bill Wendell and I am the owner of Marietta Martial Arts. Over the next few weeks, we are offering a FREE back-to-school Workshop for the kids. Our workshop is a FREE event that we do every year to help the kids get ready for the school year. It is a fun event where we use kicking and punching from Karate to teach FOCUS!

Get ready for FUN!! Since Kids love to act like Ninjas, we use various karate drills and games to keep the Focus Workshop FUN! This one-hour event is designed to get kids back in the habit of showing FOCUS in a class setting.

Fun Activities in the Focus Workshop:
👉 Fun group basic karate skills 
👉 Fun focus challenges 
👉 Fun high energy challenges 
👉 Fun crazy games 
👉 Fun confidence board break 
👉 Earn their first belt 
👉 and so much more...

Why parents like you put their kids in Martial Arts!

Why parent's choose us:
 ✔ Children develop more respect!
 ✔ Children learn how to focus better!
 ✔ Children develop self-discipline!
 ✔ Children learn to be leaders!
 ✔ Children grow in confidence!
 ✔ Children love it!
 ✔ Foster a healthy winning atmosphere for overall growth.
 ✔ Train basic Martial Arts training for self-defense against bullying
 ✔ Impart discipline in every area of class.
Do you want to see your kids brimming with confidence while climbing the ladder of success? If so then…

Start NOW by signing up for our FREE Workshop!

** Update: Only 9 spots left!  **

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